English premier league football club to launch own fan tokens - Hitecher
Футбольный клуб из английской Премьер-лиги запустит собственные фан-токены

English premier league football club to launch own fan tokens

by Hitecher

London-based football team West Ham United is partnering with blockchain platform Socios.com to launch their own ecosystem of tokens for fans. This was revealed in a press release on April 30.

The tokens will become a digital resource that will give fans the right to vote on certain organizational issues, as well as a number of other bonuses including access to special products, tickets to games, etc.

Socios is a tokenized blockchain app created to manage large client bases. Other football teams have already collaborated with this platform in the past, including French club Paris Saint-Germain and Italian club Juventus.

West Ham United is extremely popular at the moment, holding the 11th place in the English premier league and over 2.3 million likes on their official Facebook page.

Statistics collected by CoinMarketCap show that 46% of users favour fan tokens released by famous sports clubs.



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