DroneBullet: the drone that kills other drones - Hitecher
DroneBullet: дрон — убийца дронов

DroneBullet: the drone that kills other drones

by Hitecher

Military budgets of most leading countries already include expenses on building drone fighting machines. There are many ways to disarm them. But what better way to fight a drone than with another drone?

The reusable anti-aircraft device DroneBullet was developed by Canadian startup AerialX. DroneBullet is a drone, but it is primarily focused on destroying other drones instead of just making long flights. The device is extremely durable, which allows it to disarm other drones with ram-attacks.

DroneBullet is equipped with a complex system of motors and propellers that allow it to make incredible manoeuvres in the air and make a soft landing back to its base. The device can endure even heavy impact which makes it possible to reuse multiple times.

DroneBullet uses machine vision to easily identify targets, chase them down and disarm them. The gadget is extremely fast, so running away from it would be quite challenging.


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