Blockchain to be used in Moscow election - Hitecher
Blockchain to be used in Moscow election

Blockchain to be used in Moscow election

by Hitecher

The initiative was proposed by Moscow City Council. They proposed a bill under which the counting of votes would be done using blockchain.

According to the co-author of the bill Dmitry Vyatkin, blockchain will make elections more transparent. The technology will store data on voters and election results, completely ruling out the possibility of election fraud.

The Edinaya Rossiya representative added that election fraud is a ‘dirty election technology’, and put his full support behind any technical solutions that could help avoid the possibility of fraud.

Meanwhile, blockchain is gaining more and more traction with governments of different countries. In the Russian Federation, distributed ledger technologies were tested in last year’s elections in the Saratov region. In that pilot experiment, over 40 000 people voted by using blockchain app Polys, developed by Kaspersky Lab.

Blockchain elections have already been held in Switzerland, Japan, Thailand and other countries.

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