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by Namito Koda

Populous description Populous is a startup that was created last year. It is the first and only platform in the...

Populous description

Populous is a startup that was created last year. It is the first and only platform in the world created to deal with trade and invoice issues. Blockchain and smart contracts are used by this platform to create a favorable trading environment and improve interaction between the parties during international (and not only) transactions. As compared with traditional methods, the use of stable tokens is cheaper and easier, especially when it comes to cross-border trade.

Founder of the Populous project

At the root of Populous stands a man named Stephen Williams. He has extensive experience in analyzing and researching the commercial data market and he has given life to several consulting companies.

Other team members:

Zvezdomir Zlatinov — Technical director, an expert on blockchain , developer of smart contracts.

Jonathan Millar is a financial risk specialist.

Konan Fabien Beugre is an advisor at Barclays investment bank where he distributes goods for Africa.

Ryan Gotai — General Counsel.

John Morton is an advisor and big data architect.

Luis Carranza — Advisor, marketing expert, and founder of Fintechweek.com.

Populous tokenomics

There are three types of tokens in the system: PPT, Poken, and PXT.

PPT’s are access tokens that can be purchased on exchanges. Users who do not have PPT’s are not allowed access to Populous.

At the moment, the price of one PPT is $3.14. The market capitalization is $116,205,168. The maximum amount of Poken’s is fixed at it’s maximum of 53,252,246 PPT. Total available — 53,252,246 PPT, amount in circulation — 37,004,027 PPT.

Poken — This is the currency inside the platform. It is needed to make transfers. These tokens are fixed against the currency of the transaction in the ratio of 1 to 1. For example, one Poken dollar is equal to one dollar, one Poken euro is equal to one euro, etc.

Poken can be exchanged for fiat currency or transferred to an external Ethereum wallet.

The third type of token is called PXT. This is the internal currency of the credit rating platform Populous XBRL Platform. It is needed by companies and financial institutions to obtain reports on the financial history of the client. There are a total of 500 million PXT.

It is not possible to mine any of these three tokens.


Populous solves a number of real market problems by simplifying the interaction of sellers and buyers. At the same time, the project has no competitors at the moment, which significantly increases the chances of success for the startup. The only thing that is alarming is an insufficient PR campaign. In our humble opinion, the team should focus on this area. Someone, of course, will say that a good product does not need advertising, and will be right. But another thing is also true: people will learn about a product much faster with good advertisement. And there is nothing more valuable in the world than time…


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