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About the NANO project

Nano is the rebrand of Raiblocks cryptocurrency. According to its developers, they wanted the new name to highlight the startup’s hallmark features — its speed and simplicity. You can but agree with this. The distinctive feature of RaiBlocks and later Nano has always been briefness. The creators declared from the outset that they were developing a coin for specific purposes — to compete with fiat money and they have always remained committed to the concept.

The platform does not feature smart contract technology or many other technical frills. But Nano is has no peer is its own field. The crypto currency’s key advantages are instantaneous transactions, zero fees and unbelievable scalability.

The system’s reliability is beyond doubt, for the team focused on specific objectives and made efforts in the fields where they were most relevant.

The asset is available on many exchanges including Binance which has lately gained unprecedented popularity. Nano can be stored in special wallets easily installed on a PC.

NANO team

The project’s creator is Colin LeMahieu — an all-round engineer and programmer with an extensive knowledge and expertise.

Russel Waters, Brian Pugh, Devin Torres and Roy Keene are the developers.

James Coxon is responsible for the infrastructure.

Mica Busch and Troy Retzer are responsible for partner relations with other companies.

Josh Kleiman is the lead legal advisor.

Austin Ramsdale is responsible for Nano community management and support.

All Nano top managers are well known and recognised experts. The only exception is, perhaps, is Roy Kin — the dark horse with no reliable information about the person to be found on the Internet. Well, this certainly does not mean that he is not a top notch expert.

NANO tokenomics

Nano was fist listed in March 2017 when the price stood at $0.009. The coin’s historic record was over $34.00 per coin that has currently dropped to $2.45. Capitalisation is $326, 473, 412 with the trading volume at $16,372,655. All 133, 248, 289 issued coins are available for sale.

In conclusion

Nano is the project that seeks to become an independent currency for swift and safe transactions on the Internet. The coin is highly scalable and does not involve any commissions. Given this, we can expect the Nano price to go up and bring profits to investors.

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