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by Namito Koda

Blockchain is broadly hailed as the technology of the future. Numerous new startups nurturing Napoleonic plans launch ICOs...

Blockchain is broadly hailed as the technology of the future. Numerous new startups nurturing Napoleonic plans launch ICOs while futurologists and dreamers paint a world based on cryptography principles. But some are against this technology as they view cryptocurrencies as a kind of Ponze schemes. It is not surprising that very heated discussions occur from time to time between blockchain fans and opponents. One of the key arguments in favour of blockchain is that it enables to create very useful things such as smart contracts.

About the MOAC project

MOAC is a platform aimed to address the three key issues inherent in smart contracts, specifically:

  • Scalability;
  • Decentralisation;
  • Security.

Thanks to the project’s numerous supporters, the startup was launched very quickly with the project coming on stream in May 2018. In spite of MOAC’s young age, it has already something to show for itself, for example, the speed 100x faster than Ethereum and relatively low fees.

This impressive performance is the result of a careful review of the mistakes the team’s competitors made — it turned out that some insignificant tasks that required a lot of processing power reduced transaction speed.

The MOAC experts improved the platform’s architecture and this put them well ahead of the competition. The multi-layered architecture enhanced network de-centralisation and giving access to mobile phone and other gadget users enhanced scalability.


The project’s team comprises blockchain’s true pioneers who have dedicated many years to the field.

The Company president Sha Znou is a writer, venture capitalist and renowned technology exert. He was also an adviser to the Chinese government at the Beijing Olympics.

David Chen, the company CEO, is a 20+ year Silicone Valley veteran. He was earlier the CTO of Jungtum.

Xinle Yang is the Company CTO, he was earlier a software engineer for Nike.

MOAC tokenomics

The project’s ICO that ran between June 20 and July 5, 2017 raised over $7 million.

On 16 January 2018 MOAC first appeared on an exchange at $15.02 per coin.

Currently, the token’s price is $1.81, market cap — $112, 996, 794, total supply — 151, 205, 864 MOAC, circulating supply — 62, 463, 334 MOAC.

MOAK can be mined individually or on a parallel track with other currencies.

In conclusion

MOAC offers a variety of functionalities including financial and non-financial transactions and smart contracts. Even more welcome is the fact that all the technical novelties are much better implemented than on other platforms making the project one of the most promising startups we have ever seen.


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