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Highlights of the cryptocurrencies and blockchain world: spring — autumn 2018

Highlights of the cryptocurrencies and blockchain world: spring — autumn 2018

by Evan Mcbride

Russian Blockchain Week 2018 (May) Date 21.05.2018–25.05.2018 Place Russia, Moscow Topic's details Over 70 experts in fintech and blockchain will share their experience. A wide range of topics to be...

Russian Blockchain Week 2018 (May) Date 21.05.2018–25.05.2018 Place Russia, Moscow Topic's details Over 70 experts in fintech and blockchain will share their experience. A wide range of topics to be...

Russian Blockchain Week 2018 (May)

Date 21.05.2018–25.05.2018
Place Russia, Moscow
Topic's details Over 70 experts in fintech and blockchain will share their experience. A wide range of topics to be covered – from trading to investment and ICO implementation to developing specific products and solutions, mining and the industry’s legal details.
Over 100 companies will present their projects at the Blockchain & Crypto Expo Exhibition.
Specific features Among the speakers: Dmitry Bulychkov, manager, technical innovations, Sberbank, Alexandre Borodich, Universa blockchain platform founder, Maxim Azrilyan, manager, technical architecture development, Alfa Bank, Stepan Gershouni, bits.capital. The participants will have a chance to take part in sessions run by PLEKHANOV Russian University of Economics that will offer basic knowledge about today’s technologies, development and law. Experienced developers will participate in the CIS- largest hackathon.

Digital Business World Congress (May)

Date 21.05.2018–23.05.2018
Place Spain, Madrid
Topic's details The conference will feature 450 speakers from different countries who will share expert opinion on business models in IT, management and marketing.
The participants will learn about application of advanced achievements in neuron networks, IoT, information security and big data in business and marketing.
The event will be especially useful for company managers focusing on the digital market.
Specific features In addition to top speakers from IBM, SAP, ORacal and Google, the schedule features an extensive cultural programme. Roger Waters from the legendary Pink Floyd will give a performance as part of his new tour. After the concert the participants will be invited to Chocolateria San Ginés, one of Madrid’s most famous cafes.

Exantech Business Cyprus (May)

Date 30.05.2018
Place Cyprus, Limassol
Topic's details A practical seminar on blockchain introduction in companies. The speakers will dwell on the new technology’s attractive features for entrepreneurs and the ways blockchain helps businesses.
The speakers will review issues in blockchain legal regulation and prospects of cryptocurrencies in Russia and other countries.
The participants will also discuss trading, direct investment in cryptocurrencies and mining.
Specific features Among the speakers: Anatoly Knyazev, investment company EXANTE, Gregory Klumov, CEO, STASIS platform, Yiannis Menelaou, Lykke company, Evgeny Vlasov, Comino and others.
The seminar participants wil have a chance to visit numerous events, fairs and festivals dedicated to the Water Festival in progress in Cyprus.

ICO Summit Moscow (June)

Date 5.06.2018
Place Russia, Moscow
Topic's details The summit will review key issues in investor rights protection. The speakers will explain how to select an investment project and the differences between ICO and venture investment as well as the prospects of tokens growth in 2018.
Another important topic to be covered – how to identify a scam and not get deceived by attractive advertising.
Specific features Among the speakers: Valery Petrov, vice president, RACIB, Artyom Inyutin, venture investor, Seregey Martynyuk, business lawyer and many others.
The summit will be held in the Dom Smirnova historical mansion. Apart from the invitees, all interested parties will be able to follow the event via line webcast.

Workshop: Business in Blockchain Age – from Theory to Peqacrice (June)

Date 6.06.2018
Place Russia, Moscow
Topic's details The workshop is on blockchain practical implementation in business. The event will be useful for those who want to find out whether blockchain can be trusted, the ways to use it in public administration and learn about the blockchain regulatory framework.
The speakers will dwell on blockchain utility for investors and share their views on the technology’s prospects in financial and non-financial sectors. For example, a way to implement a musical project using blockchain.
Specific features The following speakers will share detailed information on blockchain: Yulia Zazulya (Chairperson, the Moscow Chamber of Commerce and Industry Committee for tax policy and audit), Irina Kuznetsoava (Chairperson, the Committee for Taxes, MCCI), Ivan Anashkin (co-founder, Fourpi Capital multifamily office), Aram Adgaryan (co-founder, Soundeon blockchain platform),
Roman Morev (managing partner, Morev&Partners law firm).

Conference: “Blockchain Regulation – Opportunities and Risks” (June)

Date 07.06.2018–08.06.2018
Place Kazakhstan, Astana
Topic's details The government of Kazkhstan, major international companies and professional associations will discuss country-specific and global regulation of cryptocurrencies and blockchain projects.
The participants will review legal issues related to ICO and mining as well as blockchain use in businesses as well as the public sector.
Specific features Among the Conference participants -Ascar Zhumagaliev, deputy prime minister, The speaker list features such professionals as: Yana Pureskina (director, Financial Policies Department, RF Finance Ministry), Alice Melnikova (director, Financial Technologies Department, Central Bank of Russia), Daniel Zakomolkin (CEO Bitbaza), Roman Yankovsky (lecturer, Law Department, MSU and partners, Zartsyn, Yankovsky and Partners law firm), Alexandre Saveliev (legal advisor, IBM Russia), Maria Smelyanskaya (Manager, Law Department, Roscomnadzor).

MoneyConf 2018 (June)

Date 11.06.2018–13.06.2018
Place Ireland, Dublin
Topic's details Experts in fintech and cryptocurrencies will give master classes and practicals and participate in discussions of new digital economy.
The Conference enjoys the support of Web Summit, a major technology conference.
Specific features Among the speakers: David Schwartz (Ripple), Guilio Montemagno (Amazon Pay), Clif Marriott (Goldman Sachs), Sean Neville (Circle), John Anderson (Facebook), JP Rangaswami (Deutsche Bank), Daniel Schreiber (Lemonade). A meeting is also scheduled with Richard Healy, Manager, Corporate Business Development, Worldpay eCommerce.
There will be a week of celebrations, up till the Blume Day (16 June), dedicated to the characters of Ulysses by James Joyce. Fans will read the novel, visit the sites it depicts and taste the dishes the novel’s protagonists enjoyed. Excursions will be available.

Blockchain Conference Astana (June)

Date 14.06.2018
Place Kazakhstan, Astana
Topic's details Professionals from different countries will take part in the main blockchain event in Central Asia. The participants will share their experiences in blockchain implementation in areas topical for the Asian region. The companies will present their ICOs and demo products to the event’s guests.
Specific features Among the participants - those working at banks, fintech sector, energy, oil and gas industry, financial companies managers and civil servants. The event’s organiser is AroundB that has already arranged over 30 international events on finance and technology.

Blockchain Economic Forum (June)

Date 16.06.2018–19.06.2018/
Place USA, San Francisco
Topic's details The conference focuses on designing links between blockchain industry and the traditional financial system. Over 1,500 attendees from the new economy will exchange ideas, discuss innovations and make new business contacts. The participants will take part in round table discussions, lectures and evening events on blockchain and cryptocurrencies in the traditional economy.
Specific features San Francisco area nicknamed Small Italy will host the North Beach Festival featuring over 120 art and handcrafts stands. Visitors will have a chance to eat excellent food and listen to musicians performing at two stages. Italian street paintings, open air bars and even children’s areas will offer excellent opportunities to take it easy after the conference and further the established contacts if you invite your colleagues to the festival. The famous singer Pink will give a concert in the neighboring Oakland.

Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Georgia 2018 (June)

Date 20.06.2018
Place Georgia, Tbilisi
Topic's details Experts from Georgia and other countries will discuss regulation of mining, ICO and cryptocurrencies under legislation of Georgia. The speakers will focus on intricacies Georgian miners come across. Mining equipment developers and various blockchain startups will present their works.
Specific features Smile-Expo in charge of the conference arrangement organises events on blockchain in 20 countries of the world. The event is supported by Association Blockchain Georgia, Bitcoin Embassy Georgia and Blockchain Systems Institute –active promoters of blockchain technologies and digital economy in Georgia.

Blockchain for Finance Conference (June)

Date 20.06.2018–21.06.2018
Place Singapore
Topic's details Business leaders from all over the world will discus blockchain application in various areas: innovations, trading, payments and securities processing. In addition the speakers will cover the dangers of blockchain in post-trading.
Specific features The conference will feature companies from all over the world: MAS (Singapore), HSBС, CryptoBLK (Honkong), Digital Asset (Australia), Yes Bank, Kotak Mahindara Bank (India), JPX (Japan), KRUNGSRI (Thailand). The following famed speakers will address the audiences: Naveen Mallela (J. P. Morgan), Sagar Sabkha (Ripple), Phillip Ennis (IBM) and Jennifer Doherty (HSBC).
In Singapore, the conference attendees will have a chance to get a taste of the delicious Asian cuisine at River Wok Restaurant that boasts dishes from Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand and Laos.
The conference’s guests will also be able to attend workshops on French vines where they will learn about vine production and selection as well as the ways to enjoy vines and improve one’s sense of smelling.

Blockchain Summit London 2018 (June)

Date 26.06.2018 – 27.06.2018
Place London, the United Kingdom
Topic's details Over 120 speakers will share information on blockchain technology implementation in a great variety of fields – finance, insurance, logistics, public utilities, mass media and entertainment.
The event will offer an in-depth analysis of the topic to its participants, as it focuses solely on crypto and blockchain worlds featuring unique presentations by the industry’s experts.
Specific features Experts from the leading IT companies - Ripple, IBM, Heritage Sports Holdings, Circle and others – will speak at one of Europe’s major blockchain events.
With the Summit’s programme featuring lectures, exhibitions and workshops, the participants will hear presentations by the industry’s leaders, developers, project managers and investors.
The project has partnered with dozens of high-profile technology companies such as British Petroleum, Shell, Cisco, Orange and others.

Blockchain Expo (June)

Date 27.06.2018–28.06.2018
Place The Netherlands, Amsterdam
Topic's details The high-profile blockchain event in Europe will feature over 6,000 experts and professionals who will discuss state-of-the-art innovations and blockchain impact on various fields from healthcare and insurance to musical industry. The participants will have opportunities to share valuable experience and make business contacts.
Specific features The following professionals will share their experiences: Brian Behlendorf (Hyperledger), Doco Drenth (Dietsmann), Carlos Kuchkovsky (BBVA), Kapil Dhar (Lloyds Banking Group), Richard Kastlein Blockchain News), Noelle Acheson (CoinDesk). After the conference the attendees can go to Ed Sheeran’s concert to be held at the Amsterdam Arena and take a boat trip to enjoy the water views of the city.

Digital Economic Forum (August)

Date 4.08.2018
Place Russia, Moscow
Topic's details One of the major events on digital economy. A unique opportunity for the participants to present their crypto projects at ICO SHOW to investors ready to invest $5 bln.
Specific features Among the speakers: Sergei Sergienko (Chronobank), Kristina Kost (LOFFL), Ivan Tikhonov (Bits.Media), Yaroslav Kabakov (Finam). The day will also witness the Picnic festival starring Zemfira, Arcade Fire, Rhye and other performers.

CryptoBlockCon (August)

Date 14.08.2018–15.08.2018
Place USA, New York
Topic's details The conference will discuss the cryptocurrency industry’s prospects in 2018, the advantages of cryptocurrency assets and technologies based on blockchain. The participants will meet companies that have successfully integrated blockchain in their operations.
Specific features The following speakers will share their experiences and projections: Chris Snook (World Tokenomic Forum), Keith Herman (IPA Equities/PMBC Group), Michael Noel (Blockchain Consultants),
Eli Blatt (bitfinance) and Adam Wood (Cryptotraders). After the conference, its guests can go to a concert by Pentatonix a capella group that has conquered the Internet or hold business meetings at New York’s one of the most fashionable restaurants Balthazar.

Blockchain Live 2018 (September)

Date 26.09.2018
Place United Kingdom, London
Topic's details The event’s key topic is blockchain implementation in different areas and sectors and discussions of the technology’s potential. Guests and participants represent projects at various implementation stages – from an idea to a successful company.
Specific features Among the speakers: Nick Szabo, Sylvane de Croma (Blue Square RE), Antony Welfare (Oracle), Ruth Milligan (techUK), Karl Flinders (Computer Weekly), Alastair Band (Blockchain Beginners) and Cecile Baird (Blockchain For Good). London’s oldest Rules Restaurant (1798) frequented by Dickens and Wells, will be an excellent place to have dinner or meetings. Kylie Minogue will give a concert on the same day and sing her legendary hits as well as those from the new Golden album.

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