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Лазер ZAPS, который убивает рак прямо через кожу

ZAPS laser that kills cancer right through the skin

by Hitecher

The University of Arkansas (USA) researchers have created and successfully tested a new cancer treatment device. It is a laser that destroys cancer cells in the patient's body directly through the skin.

Vladimir Zharov, one of the laser developers, says that the technology is based on the idea of destroying cancer cells before metastases formation which are the main cause of death in cancer patients.

Laser rays make cancer cells absorb heat intensively with the process progressing much more actively than in healthy cells. As a result, it leads to their rapid expansion and destruction.

During the tests, the researchers managed to destroy 96% of a patient’s tumor, though ZAPS did not operate at full capacity. The device can scan up to a liter of blood per hour — a figure that far exceeds the performance of similar devices. All this makes ZAPS one of the most significant medical inventions in recent years.


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