You don't sleep at night? Get yourself a Pokémon! - Hitecher
Не высыпаетесь ночью? Заведите себе покемона!

You don’t sleep at night? Get yourself a Pokémon!

by Hitecher

Pokémon Go has already managed to make millions of people go in search of virtual creatures, but it will now help them to go to bed in time. The fact is that the developers have presented a new gadget Pokémon Go Plus Plus, which will reward players for a good sleep.

Unsing Augmented Reality (AR) technology, Pokémon Go technology is a true pioneer, because it is the first-ever interactive entertainment that turns the entire world into a playground. It seems that the project will soon go even further, making our sleep part of the game as well.

According to the CEO of Niantic, the creator of Pokémon Go, the team always hoped that its product would encourage players to lead a healthy lifestyle, as the game play is associated with constant movement around the city. The idea of giving bonuses for a healthy sleep fits this logic perfectly, because players get tired of constant walking, and they need to replenish the spent energy.

Pokémon Go Plus Plus is designed as a disco friend ball. Its main part is the accelerometer that monitors the quality of the user’s sleep. Since the device is integrated with a smartphone, the information goes to the application, and the player is awarded bonuses for a good rest.

In addition to this feature, Pokémon Go Plus Plus helps to hunt Pokémons more effectively by alerting the user to their presence somewhere nearby.


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