Yet another humanoid robot - Hitecher
Еще один человекоподобный робот

Yet another humanoid robot

by Hitecher

Digit is a robot that was developed by US company Agility Robotics. The robot is a direct competitor of Atlas by Boston Dynamics - a device that can do somersaults and other acrobatic tricks.

The gadget looks a lot like a human. It also has two arms and two legs, can deftly manipulate objects and is capable of lifting weights up to 18 kg. The robot features a futuristic design that is appropriate for its ultramodern functionality: thanks to its excellent navigation skills, Digit might have extensive future applications in delivery service. With a sophisticated control system, the robot will learn to go up and down the stairs.

According to representative Jonathan Hearst, the company has great expectations for Digit. The robot will go through several upgrades that will make its movements more flexible, catching up with Boston Dynamics. The gadget is intended for a wide range of consumers. The price is not yet available, but developers have promised a mid-year announcement. Digit will be made available for purchase in 2020.


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