What does artillery fire look like from the epicentre? - Hitecher
Как выглядит артиллерийский обстрел из эпицентра событий?

What does artillery fire look like from the epicentre?

by Hitecher

New technologies are playing an increasingly important role in security matters. For example, drones are widely used to monitor and videotape new weapons testing.

Recently, a member of the Finnish Armed Forces named Samuli Haapla filmed a video from the very epicentre of the artillery shelling. The event was captured on camera by the DJI Phantom drone. The shelling was carried out as part of the RM-70 multiple-launch rocket system tests. In one minute, the Finnish artillerymen fired 240 missiles of 122 mm caliber at their intended target.

The footage is truly unique, as it was impossible to install a camera on the ground in the epicentre of the fire. The drone, on the other hand, rose slightly above the salvos, shooting missiles in the immediate vicinity.

RM-70 is a Czechoslovak upgrade of the Soviet BM-21 MLRS system, which went into production in 1972. The weapon is capable of hitting targets at a distance of 8 to 22 km. It is designed to suppress enemy forces before a motorised rifle attack.


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