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What Did Apple Present at Its Annual Conference?

What Did Apple Present at Its Annual Conference?

by Hitecher

California is hosting the 30th annual WWDC (Worldwide Developers Conference) conference for developers working on Apple platforms. The company presented its new products awaiting us this year.

Apple’s Worldwide Developer Conference was, as always, rich in events. First, the company announced its new MacOS Catalina operating system. iTunes will be nixed in the new system in favor of Music, TV and Podcasts applications. MacOS Catalina will also allow an iPad to be used as a second display and watch 4K-HDR videos complete with Dolby Atmos.

Apple Watch will also get an updated OS. It will allow users to download programs without using their iPhone, and developers will be able to design applications solely for Apple Watch.

The company also announced its new generation of workstations. The main distinctive features of Mac Pro 2019 are its modular design and a powerful cooling system. The device will be launched onto the market in the fall this year. It is priced at almost $6 thousand.

The company did not overlook displays either and presented its new 32-inch Retina 6K display. The display complete with a stand is also priced at almost $ 6 thousand.

Also presented were the new iOS 13 operating system with improved protection of customer personal data, authorization using Apple ID and new additional photo editing tools. Apart from iOS 13, the company will provide users with an improved Siri voice assistant, a proprietary dark theme, and other useful options.



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