Wattozz: the next-generation non lethal weapon - Hitecher
Wattozz – новое поколение нелетального оружия

Wattozz: the next-generation non lethal weapon

by Hitecher

Unfortunately, the world is a dangerous place, which means that society is in desperate need of weapons for self-defence. Tasers (electro-muscular devices that can reach an opponent from a distance) are a popular choice.

Wattozz is a brand-new shooting taser manufactured by Turkish company Albayraklar Group. The main feature that sets it apart from other tasers is the use of wireless elements instead of needles connected to the device with wires. This contributes to much greater precision and range than other similar devices. Wattozz can be used to attack an opponent who is 8 meters away from the user.

The weapon looks a lot like a gun, but despite its menacing appearance, it cannot be used to kill someone: Wattozz was created with strictly self-defence in mind. However, one hit is enough to cause a strong muscular spasm which will in turn immobilize the target. The taser is already available for sale in the Turkish and Malaysian markets, with future geographical sales expansion in the works.


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