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Суперфонарик VSSL Camp

VSSL Camp super flashlight

by Hitecher

Many of you enjoy hiking and camping, but the need to carry a backpack full of gear can darken your vacation. VSSL Camp flashlight has been created to prevent this from happening.

VSSL, a proven manufacturer of top quality camp flashlights, has recently announced plans to release a new model of the device, which will feature 70 travel tools.

VSSL Camp super flashlight

VSSL Camp should become a real «Swiss» flashlight, because in addition to its main function, it will serve as a lot of other items. A total of 70 camping equipment units are built into the device: matches, a fishing rod, a first-aid kit, a compass and many other things!

VSSL Camp super flashlight

As far as the flashlight key specifications go, they are also top notch: the light brightness is up to 200 lumens, 4 modes of operation and the battery life is 20 hours.

You can buy such a miracle already in May this year. The basic set will cost $105, and you can pre-order one today on the Kickstarter site. There are also plans to manufacture devices with extended functionality.

VSSL Camp super flashlight


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