VR will help train soldiers - Hitecher
VR поможет в подготовке солдат

VR will help train soldiers

by Hitecher

Virtual reality is most often associated with computer games, which is a shame, because this technology has some very important applications. For example, VR can be used to prepare military personnel for combat.

Wars are unpredictable, because they always include the actions of an opposing side which are often difficult to predict. That’s why the US Armed Forces are now trying to teach their soldiers how to act in different situations, with the help of virtual reality.

This technology allows soldiers to work through dozens of scenarios that might play out in the course of a particular military operation. An ‘artificial training environment’ is also currently in the works; this development will allow soldiers to enter the right situation just by putting on a pair of glasses. Cloud technologies will make it possible to conduct these practices virtually anywhere.

At the moment, VR exercises are used to train pilots, but this will soon be extended for foot soldiers and other units. VR will be able to imitate any kind of landscape or situation, and the system will operate based on BISim software and a VBS Blue engine.


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