US Air Force veteran makes panoramic video on F-35 plane - Hitecher
Ветеран ВВС США записал панорамное видео о самолете F-35

US Air Force veteran makes panoramic video on F-35 plane

by Hitecher

In his recording, the pilot talks about the structure and characteristics of the plane while filming its systems on camera. The video is panoramic, giving viewers a chance to feel like professional pilots.

The incredible narration is done by Tony Wilson, a US Air Force veteran. He has a special connection to the F-35 plane: Tony was one of the first people to test the 5th generation plane, so he is able to embellish the hard facts with his personal story.

The key feature of the 5th generation plane is its ability to process data from numerous systems, which makes the pilot’s job easier. As an example, Wilson demonstrates the EOTS targeting system, which is made up of an infrared sensor and several cameras offering a wide view for the user. This equipment allows the pilot to target any object on land and in the air, regardless of the weather and time of day.

But the key distinction of this video is a demonstration of a military AR helmet which can be tested thanks to the panoramic shooting mode. Viewers can picture themselves behind the wheel of a modern fighter plane and see all the equipment with their own eyes.


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