The robot that can learn anything - Hitecher
Робот, которого можно научить чему угодно

The robot that can learn anything

by Hitecher

«Picoh» - a new machine created by startup Ohbot – can perform a variety of tasks. There’s just one catch: it needs to be taught first.

Today, robots are capable of performing different tasks: there are robotic moving services, voice assistants, cleaning helpers… But a universal gadget that can do all these things is yet to be invented. This idea inspired the inventors at Ohbot to develop Picoh.

When you first purchase this robot, Picoh can’t do anything, but it’s a fast learner – however, the robot’s owner needs to know a programming language such as Python or Scraft 3 in order to teach it. If the owner knows one of these languages, they can program the robot to perform any kind of task.

According to the creators of the concept, this approach will teach people to better understand the underlying principles of robotics, and the difficulty of fine-tuning the machine is compensated by the convenience of having an all-in-one specialist to perform tasks. Furthermore, the robot can become an indispensable helper around the house and a great companion.

The robot is just 10 cm tall, and it operates based on the Arduino platform.


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