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Будущее медицины: автономная будка OnMed

The Future of Medicine: OnMed Self-contained Booth

by Hitecher

Technological change spans all the spheres of social relations. OnMed self-contained stations, the first of which is scheduled to open in the US later this year, is a vivid example of the introduction of new technologies into our lives.

What will future medical services be like? We cannot know that for sure, yet today, we can note certain development trends in that area. For example, we are increasingly using online medical consultations, so we can talk about further development of such services.

However, no conversation, even with a most experienced specialist, can be a substitute for a comprehensive medical examination, which has made the OnMed project possible. It represents a network of self-contained stations equipped with cameras and various medical devices, from which you can talk to a doctor via video link.

The Future of Medicine: OnMed Self-contained Booth

Even though the doctor is not physically present at the station, he or she can see the client very well and receive the client’s vitals:  temperature, heart rate, pressure and other data are transmitted to the physician online.

The booth scans patients thoroughly checking them even for infections. If necessary, it can dispense medication to the client. Where the required medication is not available, it will issue a prescription. According to the developers, the whole procedure will take no more than 15 minutes.

The Future of Medicine: OnMed Self-contained Booth


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