The first unmanned plywood drone created - Hitecher
Создан первый беспилотный самолет из фанеры

The first unmanned plywood drone created

by Hitecher

Metal or plastic are usually selected as aircraft material. But drone production is not cheap, so sometimes engineers find rather extravagant solutions.

LG-1K is a newly developed drone made mainly of plywood: according to the designers, this material should reduce the production cost of the device and save customer money. Logistic Gliders Inc was involved in the development at the commission of the U.S. Military Departments.

The 317-cm-long device with a wingspan of 701 cm is capable to carry up to 315 kg of supplies. The drone has already made 12 test flights, demonstrating excellent handling qualities and airborne performance.

The drone is capable to accelerate up to 250 km/h and lands with a parachute. It is launched through a hatch or from an external suspension and is compatible with many aircraft models.

The development is intended for delivering supplies to ground troops often deployed in hard-to-reach places.


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