The Cheetah robot learns acrobatic tricks - Hitecher
Робот Cheetah научился акробатическим трюкам

The Cheetah robot learns acrobatic tricks

by Hitecher

According to a report from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, their Cheetah robot has learned to do back flips and get up after falls. Earlier, it also learned to accelerate up to 45.5 km/h, surpassing Usain Bolt himself.

The researchers achieved such impressive success by installing the LIDAR system in the robot, the laser system which enables the device to scan the environment. This helps the device to calculate the effort required to make the right move. An important limitation is that Cheetah is able to get up only when it lies on its back.

The robot has four limbs, which makes it look like a dog. It has a very elegant and stylish design, makes agile, but at the same time smooth movements. All this demonstrates the progress robotics has made over the past few years. Compared to its five-year-old counterparts, Cheetah looks like a true miracle.

Boston Dynamics likes to create robots that resemble humans or animals. At one time, the company created a mechanical BigDog for the DARPA organisation, and there were other robotic animals.


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  1. Charles Hodge

    Humanity is utterly doomed.

    As soon as the world’s elites can physically merge with this tech,..they will cull the remaining human population and live forever.