Speedgate: a new sport created by a neural network - Hitecher
Speedgate — новый вид спорта, созданный нейросетью

Speedgate: a new sport created by a neural network

by Hitecher

Most sports are rooted in traditional craft and leisure activities practiced by peoples around the world, but there are also some sports that were invented on purpose. Speedgate, a game that was recently created by a neural network, falls in the latter category.

The computer program was created by AKQA design studio. The artificial intelligence was not fed any basic concepts: the game is a complete fantasy built by the neural network.

The artificial intelligence was trained on a sample of 400 existing sports. Then the developers filtered out unbelievable results (like games with exploding balls), leaving them with three sets of rules. One of them became the foundation for Speedgate.

This is a fast-paced game for two teams of three people, and according to the rules the ball cannot be still for more than 3 seconds. The playing field (smaller than a football field) has three neutral goals. You can score a goal only in the goals at the side of the field, but the ball has to pass through the central goal first. Impressive stunts can help you win additional points.

There are currently some ongoing discussions about conducting a Speedgate match in real life.


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