Scientists Unveil the Origin of Life of Earth - Hitecher
Учёные рассказали о главной причине возникновения жизни

Scientists Unveil the Origin of Life of Earth

by Hitecher

There are questions that have for centuries occupied the minds of leading thinkers. The answer to one of them has finally been found.

A group of researchers from Rice University (USA) shared their views on the origin of life on Earth. According to them, the first living beings may have appeared after the Earth’s collision with another celestial body. The Moon owes its existence to that disaster as well.

They came to such conclusions as a result of experiments simulating extreme conditions under which the current look of our planet was formed. It turned out that the core of the planet rich in carbon, nitrogen and other elements pushes them into the crust and mantle due to the high sulfur concentration.

The chemical composition characteristic of today’s Earth confirms the theory that more than 4 billion years ago our planet collided with another massive celestial body rich in sulfur. As a result, the Moon was formed and the Earth got a set of chemicals required for the beginning of life.


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