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Ученые сообщили об угрозе беспилотных автомобилей

Scientists report on the dangers of self-driving cars

by Hitecher

Sustainability, safety, and elimination of human error – these are all undeniable advantages of self-driving cars. But for any type of technology, there are potential risks…

In a recent study, scientists from the University of California Santa Cruz (USA) have predicted that autonomous vehicles might contribute to creating an unfavorable traffic situation on the road.

These experts believe that taxi services will be unwilling to pay for expensive parking within city limits, leaving cars to “cruise” through the city while they await their next order. This will lead to heavy traffic congestion.

Transport policy expert Adam Millard-Ball would be inclined to agree. In his latest publication – “The autonomous vehicle parking problem” – he explains that running an electric motor would be much cheaper than paying for a parking spot.

These experts’ findings might raise concerns, but a solution is yet to be proposed. It might be wise to focus on developing a system that will keep track of automobiles in “cruise” mode, or alternatively – decreasing parking costs. After all, new technologies create new challenges that need to be solved.


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