Scientists invent ‘self-healing’ material - Hitecher
Ученые придумали «вечный» материал

Scientists invent ‘self-healing’ material

by Hitecher

A team of researchers from the University of Southern California have created a material capable of healing itself after being damaged. This discovery opens new horizons for humanity.

Self-healing household items, let alone human organs, still seem impossible to us, but scientists are already actively working in this field and reaping the rewards of their efforts. They recently managed to re-grow a mouse’s missing finger, and now they have invented a material that heals itself after being damaged. The discovery has potential applications in automotive manufacturing, robotics and shoe manufacturing.

The material’s restorative properties are attributed to thiols in its composition. Upon entering into a reaction with oxidizing agents, they turn into disulfides that are capable of restoring their original form. It’s worth noting that the material was created exclusively for the purpose of 3D printing, using light to harden a liquid base.

This miracle material can be produced in under an hour, depending on the complexity of work. It is restored within several hours, although the process is accelerated in a warm environment.


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