Scientists develop instrument for finding extraterrestrial organisms - Hitecher
Создано устройство для поиска внеземных организмов

Scientists develop instrument for finding extraterrestrial organisms

by Hitecher

The development is credited to Dutch scientists. The instrument can detect plants at a distance of several kilometers. This technology may come in handy when we start exploring other planets.

When we talk about extraterrestrial life, most people think of humanoids from popular films, often forgetting that extraterrestrial life could also be discovered in the form of plants. These conclusions are particularly relevant in light of recent developments proving that liquids, organic molecules and oxygen are present on many space objects.

The instrument is called a spectropolarimeter. It operates on a range of several kilometers. Scientists believe that a more powerful version of this instrument could be used by spacecraft. The spectropolarimeter discovers light reflected off the molecules of living organisms. This is done thanks to a special ultra-sensitive camera.

When reflected, the light waves starts moving in a spiral, in a rotating motion. This is then discovered by the instrument. This is characteristic not only for plants, but also for other life forms, so who knows – maybe the next version of the spectropolarimeter will someday discover one of our extraterrestrial brothers.


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