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Samsung продемонстрировала новый взгляд на привычные вещи

Samsung offers a new look at familiar objects

by Hitecher

Public consciousness has long grown accustomed to the idea that televisions need to have a rectangular shape with a long base, or at least be represented as a square. But Samsung has another opinion on this topic.

Statistics show that most young people prefer smartphones to stationary computers. When watching videos, millennials don’t turn their screens to adapt the video — instead, they hold their phones in the same position. This factor became the basis for Samsung’s latest development: the first ever television with a vertical orientation screen.

The device is called Sero. It has a 43-inch screen. The device uses NFC to synchronize with smartphones, which makes it easier to control. It would be a mistake to think that Sero will only appeal to young people, as traditional television fans can easily move the device to a horizontal position. At present, the device is only being sold in South Korea. It is currently selling for $1600.

Samsung offers a new look at familiar objects



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