SABRE Approved: Hybrid Jet Engine Project Defended - Hitecher
SABRE быть: проект гибридного реактивного двигателя был защищен

SABRE Approved: Hybrid Jet Engine Project Defended

by Hitecher

The United Kingdom and European Space Agencies have given the go-ahead to the manufacturing of SABER hybrid hypersonic engine capable of operating both in space and the Earth's atmosphere. As the next stage, individual parts of the future device will be tested.

The tests will be conducted at the research center in Buckinghamshire, where scientists will test a demonstrator of the power plant gas generator running on hydrogen and air.

The device will use a unique pre-cooler that took 10 years to develop. It consists of numerous thin pipes filled with liquid hydrogen, which cools down the air from 1000 to −150 degrees Celsius. The process takes one thousandth of a second, whereupon air enters the engine.

The project is financed by Rolls-Royce and Boeing with considerable contributions made by EKA and the United Kingdom Space Agency. The device will be fully ready in 2020-2021. Click the link below to watch a video on SABRE.


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