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Грузовые беспилотники Rhaegal готовятся к запуску

Rhaegal Cargo Drones Ready to Take off

by Hitecher

Drones are one of the most promising inventions of the 21st century, which can be used for a variety of purposes. Many people are waiting for the time when delivery services start using unmanned aerial vehicles, which seems to be coming soon.

One of the main factors hindering mass-scale introduction of drones is their inability to detect obstacles. It seems, however, that the problem will be solved very soon. At least, this is the impression one gets when learning the details of the Rhaegal project.

Rhaegal has been developed by Sabrewing startup, whose representative recently announced the company’s plans to test the drone in 2020. The device is unique in that it can transport cargo and, more importantly, detect and avoid obstacles.

The device has a lidar, radar, navigator and an infrared detector on board enabling Rhaegal to detect possible obstacles and adjust its route to avoid collision. The device will initially be monitored by an operator, but transition to fully autonomous operation in the future.


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