Researchers demonstrate avian tyrannosaurus - Hitecher
Ученые показали пернатых тираннозавров

Researchers demonstrate avian tyrannosaurus

by Hitecher

Most people imagine dinosaurs as bald or scaly creatures. U.S. researchers decided to dispel this misconception by showing what tyrannosaurus hatchlings and babies actually looked like. As it turned out, they resembled birds.

According to the staff of the American Museum of Natural History, t. rex hatched completely covered with feathers. According to the researchers, this helped the baby predators to keep warm and hide from the dangers, merging with the environment.

As they grew older, their skin became coarser and thicker, and there was no longer any need to hide, as the tyrannosaurus was the most dangerous predator on the planet. Therefore, feathers became unnecessary and fell out with just a small fluffy area left near the predator’s neck.

The researchers demonstrated their vision of the ancient monsters’ childhood in a video clip, which can be viewed below. It shows dinosaur hatchlings, which look like ordinary baby birds. And this is not by chance, because the main descendants of tyrannosaurs, who have survived to this day, are the hen and the ostrich.


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