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Put your child behind the wheel of a supercar

Put your child behind the wheel of a supercar

by Hitecher

With each year, toys are becoming more interesting, with their creators taking even more creative liberty with their creation. This time, they have created a miniature version of the McLaren 720S supercar. 

The mini McLaren 720S is technically marketed towards children, but it has caused an even greater stir in the adult segment of the market. Many collectors and auto enthusiasts are now hoping to acquire a detailed copy of this supercar — even if they don’t have any children. The car has easy and intuitive controls which are also available on a separate remote control, which can be used to play with an empty car or control your child’s movements. The car’s interior also features its own entertainment system: children can not only take a drive, but also watch some cartoons.

Every detail in this model is an exact replica of the ones in the real version: even the doors open up and to the side, as seen in the original 720S. Thankfully, the toy car is much more affordable than the original: it can be yours for just $400.

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