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Pod Eight Sleep: еще один пример умной кровати

Pod Eight Sleep: yet another smart bed

by Hitecher

Pod Eight Sleep is a liquid mattress cooling system that is bound to appeal to a lot of married couples. It can adjust one side of the bed to a specified temperature level.

In the past, we wrote about Ford’s new smart bed that prevents partners from invading their spouse’s side. Smart mattress Pod Eight Sleep solves another common problem: differences in sleeping temperature preferences. When one partner is cold, the other might be suffering from the heat. In the past, partners had to compromise, but this new invention means that everyone can be happy.

The mattress is made of adaptive foam and contains several pipes filled with water. This system can heat or cool the mattress across a wide range of temperatures, and it allows for warm water to circulate on one side of the bed, cold water on the other. This device is controlled using Amazon’s voice assistant. The mattress can also be used as a thermal alarm clock, by having it cool down the bed before you wake up.

The device costs $2000. While this is a steep price, it’s justified by the fact that the smart bed market is not yet fully saturated.


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