Plants will help us colonize Mars - Hitecher
Plants will help us colonize Mars

Plants will help us colonize Mars

by Hitecher

Plants are structurally complex, and a lot of the processes they go through could be used for the benefit of mankind. Scientists at the University of Melbourne are currently considering how our Earth neighbors could help us colonize Mars.

Australian researchers believe that plants’ ability to absorb water containing dissolved molecules could help us launch our agricultural activity on Mars. Joseph Richardson, a scientist at the university, believes that we will be able to spread grain cultures across the surface of Mars in the future.

Metal-organic frameworks (MOF) composed of metal ions and organic molecules in crystal form will play a key part in this development. They will capture carbon and filter chemicals out of the water.

MOF are too large to be integrated into plants, so they need to organically grow inside them. Plants can be placed in a special solution containing elements of this material. After absorbing the liquid, they will create complete structures, which have already proven their efficiency in protecting plants from ultraviolet radiation.

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