One-armed barista: Rostec unveils a new robot - Hitecher
One-armed barista: Rostec unveils a new robot

One-armed barista: Rostec unveils a new robot

by Hitecher

The device was presented on July 8 at the Innoprom exhibition running in Yekaterinburg.

The corporation believes that introduction of high technology helps to minimise human involvement in production processes. Moreover, these developments are under way in all economic sectors from heavy engineering to mining, to retail trade.

Robot parts performing human joints’ functions are of greatest interest: they feature servo-drives complete with a controller, an encoder and a harmonic drill. Controlled via a self explanatory interface, the robot allows the user to adjust it to the task at hand. The technology’s main competitive advantage is its versatility and simplicity.

An important issue is robot safety. Inappropriate operation of some devices can cause injuries in human employees. The Rostec developers are sure that their device does not pose any potential threats to human beings.

The robot was developed in partnership with the Direct Investment Fund "Industry 4.0", namely, Rozum Robotics Company.

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