Nervous System Activity Captured on Video for the First Time - Hitecher
Работа нервной системы была впервые запечатлена на видео

Nervous System Activity Captured on Video for the First Time

by Hitecher

Columbia scientists and engineers were able to videotape fruit fly's nerve cells in action using a 3D microscope.

Proprioceptive neurons represent a system of nerve cells helping the body determine its position in space. They constantly stretch and contract, and these movements were captured by Columbia researchers using SCAPE, a cutting-edge three-dimensional microscope.

Since insects are much simpler organisms compared to humans, the video footage taken by the scientists will help them understand the principles of the nervous system operation in detail. In the future, this knowledge can be used to study more complex animals.

The ability to record brain activity on video opens up a wide horizon of opportunities for mankind. The ultimate goal is to acquire in-depth understanding of the interaction mechanisms of billions of neurons in the human brain, find out what the diversity of our psyche depends on and what we owe our individuality to.


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