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Тайваньская компания представила современную систему безопасности для мотоциклов

Modern Motorcycle Security System Presented by Taiwanese Company

by Hitecher

Security systems extensively employed in motor vehicles are hardly ever used in the motorcycle industry leading to a large number of accidents. Taiwanese company Senzar has decided to change this situation.

The gadget developed by Senzar is a radar that signals to alert a motorcyclist about the approaching objects to avoid collisions.

The gadget is attached to the vehicle’s license plate. Its operation range covers 9 meters in all directions from the motorcycle being a sufficient distance to prevent an accident.

A cyclist gets two kinds of alerts: visual and tactile. The first indicator is a regular light that flashes to signal danger. The second one is a device built into the seat, which starts vibrating to warn a motorcyclist of an approaching object. Similar signal systems are used in the automotive industry.

Use the link below to watch the video featuring the device capabilities


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