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LightSail 2 Establishes Communication with Earth

LightSail 2 Establishes Communication with Earth

by Hitecher

LightSail 2 belongs to the solar sailing type of spacecraft intended to reduce the cost of satellite fuel for space corporations.

Solar sails are devices that capture light particles and use them to propel themselves through space. Such a device was last launched to orbit at the end of last month aboard Falcon Heavy rocket. As recently announced, the satellite has established communication with our planet.

The sail consists of four panels with a total area of ​​50 square meters. They catch photons used to propel the device. As noted by scientists, this technology is particularly useful for operating small satellites.

The device will be closely monitored over the next month. If everything goes according to the scenario planned, solar sailing devices will be recognized as an efficient means of travelling in space. Who knows, maybe next-generation spacecraft will use this principle to travel through space.

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