Lenovo will create a unique folding computer - Hitecher
Lenovo создаст уникальный складной компьютер

Lenovo will create a unique folding computer

by Hitecher

Lenovo recently presented the concept for their latest device. The project still doesn’t have an official name, but many have rushed to call it a folding computer, even though the gadget might end up looking more like a laptop or tablet.

This new release looks a lot like models from the ThinkPad X1 line, however it has a continuous and seamless OLED screen that takes up two 13-inch displays. The gadget can easily be folded in half, but its large body also offers several additional advantages. For example, it contains batteries with a larger capacity, which can last for up to 24 hours of autonomous work.

When folded, the gadget looks like a laptop with a virtual keyboard, but with a simple motion it can be transformed into a sensor panel similar to a desktop personal computer. External ports enable you to connect additional accessories to the device, so it can be used for various purposes. The new release will support several types of monitors and the Windows operating system. It is set to be released before 2020.


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