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Kymera — электрический одноместный катер для настоящих ценителей скорости

Kymera, an Electric One-man Watercraft for Real Speed Lovers

by Hitecher

We all know about electric cars, electric motorcycles and even electric powered aircraft. But what about the water transport?

Jason Woods has been building boats for a very long time. He started working on a small one-man watercraft more than 15 years ago. The first Kymera model equipped with a water jet engine was released in 2011. A year later, Woods remodeled it for electrical power and presented the project at Kickstarter, a renowned online fundraising platform.

At the moment, the current Kymera model is K-X2. The vehicle represents a surfboard powered by a 10,000-watt electric engine. It weighs just 14,5 kg and can reach the speeds of up to 45 km/h beating its competitors. The watercraft’s dimensions are 213×101×66 cm. The battery lasts an hour on one charge. The boat can be divided into two parts for easy transportation. Kymera K-X2 is currently sold at $5,995, but the price will subsequently go up to $6,495.


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