Japanese Warship Straight out of a Sci-Fi Movie - Hitecher
Японский боевой корабль прямиком из фантастического фильма

Japanese Warship Straight out of a Sci-Fi Movie

by Hitecher

The Advanced Integrated CIC is a modern ship combat information center equipped with cutting-edge video surveillance systems, augmented reality technology and tactile feedback devices.

The first ship to receive the new conning tower (frigate control center) will be 30FFM series vessel which will enter service with Japan Maritime Self Defense Force in 2020.

The weight of the vessel is 5500 tons, its length is 132 meters. The ship may not be the largest one in the world, but it will be equipped with the latest technology. The frigate will have a 57-mm rapid-fire deck gun, two automatic cannons, 16 missile launchers for various purposes and a SeaRAM anti-aircraft missile system.

The control center is located under the ship’s deck. It is connected to all frigate’s systems and receives a steady stream of information from them, which is used by the command in making decisions.

The Advanced Integrated CIC is equipped with monitors that broadcast video from cameras facing outwards providing excellent visibility in all directions from the ship. Displays also provide information on the coordinates of objects within the recorders’ field of view.

The walls of the room can be used to display data on the ship movement, deck views and images of nearby objects. At night, information comes from night vision devices. The control center also has touch tables for studying navigation maps and planning, as well as other modern equipment.


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