ISS Specialists Find a Way to Maintain Astronauts’ Health - Hitecher
Сотрудники МКС придумали способ сохранить здоровье космонавтов

ISS Specialists Find a Way to Maintain Astronauts’ Health

by Hitecher

Space flights adversely affect astronauts’ health. Particularly affected are their muscles and bones, therefore astronauts have to undergo long courses of rehabilitation after space expeditions. However, ISS specialists have developed a method to make them considerably shorter.

ISS’s new study will help create a drug neutralizing negative effects of being in zero-gravity environment.

It is commonly known that the greatest harm to health is caused by oxidation processes taking place in astronaut’s bodies. Scientists intend to find out how space environment affects active forms of oxygen, which can damage protein molecules. Based on the data obtained, an anti-oxidation drug will be created.

It is assumed that the study of the influence of oxidation processes will not only preserve astronauts’ health, but also trigger the emergence of new cell stimulation methods. This could also initiate the development of anti-aging drugs.


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