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Rokid — последнее слово среди гарнитур дополненной реальности

Introducing Rokid, the Latest Augmented Reality Headset

by Hitecher

Personal computers and other office equipment take up a lot of space and are bulky to carry around for highly mobile people who are always on the move. Why suffer inconvenience when there are AR technologies that can create a virtual copy of just about anything?

Rokid Vision is a headset that is connected to a smartphone to create a fully functional simulation of equipment in augmented reality. Using this gadget, one can simulate any interfaces and services.

The device does not have very high performance and is fully dependent on the gadget it is connected to. However, the developers do not see this as a disadvantage, because the purpose of the gadget is to provide the user with access to information for highly mobile users. Rokid Vision is connected via a DisplayPort. Further, a client can create any systems he needs in AR, such as a visual monitor.

The manufacturer is now looking for partners to develop applications for the new device. The headset is expected to hit the market in 2020.


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