HELIOS laser weapon to be in service by 2021 - Hitecher
Боевой лазер HELIOS поступит на службу к 2021 году

HELIOS laser weapon to be in service by 2021

by Hitecher

The U.S. Navy Command spokespersons shared plans to install the system on an Arleigh Burke-class destroyer, which will serve in the Pacific Ocean.

HELIOS is a 60-kilowatt laser system with an optical dazzle system. Its main function is to destroy enemy boats and unmanned drones. Lockheed Martin is in charge of the system’s development. Compared to the models already in service, HELIOS has a number of undeniable advantages. First of all, it is a question of power which is double that of its peers’ capabilities.

Lasers usually have very short firing time, for example, in the Phalanx launcher it is limited to just half a minute. But the HELIOS can fire an almost unlimited number of shots which gives the system one more competitive advantage.

Otherwise, the laser is not very different from alternative weaponry. The important thing is that the efficiency of such weapon systems grows year by year, so it is quite possible that in time they will completely displace artillery and missile weapons from the market.


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