Harley-Davidson embraces electric power - Hitecher
Harley-Davidson переходит на электричество

Harley-Davidson embraces electric power

by Hitecher

The legendary brand is famous for its massive loud choppers – motorcycles with elongated frames. But they have to move quickly to ensure their vehicles stay technologically competitive.

Electric engines launched the start of a new era – not only in the automotive industry, but in motorcycle manufacturing as well. Motorcycle manufacturers are slowly starting to experiment in this new technological field. World famous Harley-Davidson is one of these companies.

Rumors about the development of the new LiveWire electric motorcycle have been circulating for some time. The wait is over – the motorcycle has been fully designed and developed and will soon be available for purchase. But that’s not it – the company also presented a concept for their very first electric scooter at the Consumer Electronics Show 2019.

People who have been following the brand for some time know about Harley-Davidson’s commitment to their words. Sooner or later, they always deliver on any promises made to the public. It looks like they won’t be making any exception with this new development – as confirmed by a video showcasing the new electric scooter recently posted on Harley-Davidson’s official YouTube channel.

The vehicle’s price and technical characteristics haven’t been announced yet, but the video does a good job of demonstrating its unique design.


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