Google introduces new VR headset - Hitecher
Google представила новую VR-гарнитуру

Google introduces new VR headset

by Hitecher

The device is called Glass Enterprise Edition 2. Its initial purpose was exclusively gaming, but it is currently positioned as an instrument for surgeons, engineers and other specialists.

Virtual reality technology is finding more and more applications in business, and this is only confirmed by the release of this new product from Google. This is the second version of a business VR headset. It boasts significant improvements compared to the previous version: a better camera, updated processor, rapid charging feature and a more attractive price (the original was sold for a price of $1500, while you will be able to purchase Glass Enterprise Edition 2 for $999).

The gadget design has remained practically unchanged: the device has a minimalist form, with the main emphasis placed on functionality. As businesses are the main target audience for this device, all extra options were removed to reduce its cost. A Qualcomm Snapdragon XR1 chip greatly improves processing speed in this headset. The manufacturer claims that the device supports both computer vision and machine learning features, which is something Glass Enterprise Edition 2 has in common with Lens — another Google product.


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