Gateway Foundation presents new concept for orbital space station - Hitecher
Компания Gateway Foundation представила концепцию новой орбитальной станции

Gateway Foundation presents new concept for orbital space station

by Hitecher

The company has uploaded a promotional video showcasing the concept for the new station. The station will be placed on the orbit, where it will perform a wide array of functions.

Chief among these is its role as a spaceport. When traveling to distant planets, astronauts have a pressing need for a way station where they could replenish their supplies or repair their equipment. The concept for the station includes fuel storage facilities, living quarters, workshops and even agricultural plantations. Thanks to low gravity, this stop will help with acclimatization when traveling to Mars.

The station will be considered exterritorial, and it will not be subject to any single country. Governance will be provided by Gateway Foundation or other companies. The project was launched by former pilot John Blincow and architect Tom Spilker, who spent many years working with NASA.

You can participate in this project by paying a yearly fee. This will give you access to additional informational materials about the project. No date has been set for the start of construction.


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