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Folding Fire — костер у вас под рукой

Folding Fire – a campfire at your fingertips

by Hitecher

We already have inflatable beds, transformer tents, portable fryers and even barbecue grills you can fit in your backpack. The only thing missing for the perfect camping trip? A portable campfire, of course.

These are the glory days of camping. This type of leisure is extremely popular today, and it attracts an ever growing audience with each year. Naturally, the market is flooded with new devices designed to make camping more comfortable. One such device is Folding Fire — a portable campfire.

Everyone likes spending time by the campfire, but this activity can often lead to forest fires, which is why it is prohibited in many natural areas. You can still enjoy the sight of burning embers without this risk — all thanks to Folding Fire.

The device is lightweight and compact, meaning you can pack it and take it literally anywhere with you. It can be configured in seconds, and it completely negates the risk of starting a forest fire. For more information about this gadget, check out the video below. The project is currently raising funds on Kickstarter.


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