Flying car races set for 2020 - Hitecher
Flying car races set for 2020

Flying car races set for 2020

by Hitecher

The races will take place in the Mojave desert in the United States. The event will be organized by Australian company Alauda. 

Alauda announced plans to conduct races between octocopters — manned flying automobiles. The announcement was made right after a successful test of their own automobiles.

The current edition of the airmobile weighs in at 230 kg and has a length of 4 meters with a 3.5 meter wingspan. The technology operates based on 500 kW lithium polymer batteries. Depending on the modification, the device can have 4 or 8 propellers, which are used to send the vehicle into motion. The exterior of the octocopter resembles that of a 1950s race car.

The cars will soon be sent to the race venue at the Mojave desert in the United States, where pilots will dedicate 18 months to a rigorous training program. They will be faced with a lot of new challenges, as 200 km/h ‘flights’ at a 20-meter height can be very dangerous. On the other hand, we can certainly expect the event to be extremely captivating and spectacular.

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