FedEx robot jumps and climbs stairs - Hitecher
Робот FedEx, который умеет прыгать и подниматься по лестнице

FedEx robot jumps and climbs stairs

by Hitecher

Popular delivery service FedEx announced the development of their own delivery robot, following in the footsteps of Starship Technologies and Amazon. Robot delivery is moving from the domain of science fiction into real life right before our eyes.

The SameDay robot was officially presented on Tuesday, February 26.

Using its many sensors and cameras, the robot can find the shortest path to its target, successfully avoiding obstacles. The gadget keeps its balance even on the most uneven and slippery surfaces, successfully overcomes curbs, and can even climb up and down staircases. According to developers, these features were included to ensure the robot could fulfill customer needs in the best possible way.

FedEx is currently studying demand for autonomous delivery robots. FedEx has many partners, including AutoZone, Lowe’s, Pizza Hut, Target, Walgreens and Walmart. Most of these partners’ clients live within several kilometers of their stores, which makes delivery robots a promising idea.


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