Dutch researchers have created a robot insect - Hitecher
Голландские ученые создали робота-насекомое

Dutch researchers have created a robot insect

by Hitecher

"DelFly", the robot's name speaks for itself: the device resembles an ordinary fly and its main specific feature is the ability to fly.

No field of knowledge should be viewed in isolation, because all of them are interconnected. Areas of knowledge that do not seem to have anything in common at first glance constantly overlap, forming something new at the junction. The device recently developed by the Dutch researchers is the result of such synthesis.

The small DelFly gadget is an example of how robotics can draw on the achievements in other fields of research, specifically, biology. The nature of the flight, air maneuvers and the ways of obstacle avoidance… The electronic fly’s behavior fully mirrors the habits of its animal world analogue.

The developer laboratory has been creating flying robots for many years and has invariably had challenges with the devices’ balance: they were not agile enough. By copying a living being’s structure, the company has resolved this issue.


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