DJI Storm - the king of drones - Hitecher
DJI Storm — король среди дронов

DJI Storm – the king of drones

by Hitecher

DJI has recently released a new cinematic multicopter. The event was not highlighted by the media, because it is impossible to buy the device: it is only rented out, as the drone comes with a service team and a truck carrying additional equipment.

DJI Storm is a true king among drones. It has eight propellers that can lift 18.5 kg into the air and reach the speed of up to 80 km/h.

The drone is ideal for roadless terrain racing, because a monster like the DJI Storm can move alongside a car, while shooting it on a professional Arri Alexa LF camera fitted with suspension stabiliser DJI Ronin 2. Remote control of shooting is carried out through the Force Pro system and other elements of the DJI Studio service.

The drone’s complexity and high cost explain the company’s unwillingness to sell it, especially since the device is not designed for entertainment but for shooting exceptionally complex cinema scenes, where every single moment is of utmost importance.

The drone’s flight endurance is relatively short: just 15 minutes with a 12-kg payload. But it is quite enough to get exclusive shots.


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